The last weekend of October sees the Teifi Tour take place. A gathering based out of LLandysul Paddlers club house (unsurprisingly at LLandysul). The gathering is intended as a great and relaxed weekend of paddling and partying for paddlers new and old. With lots of universities attending as well as canoe clubs. This year’s event attracted quite a few hundred paddlers along for a fun and sometimes chilly weekend of paddling on the fantastic river Teifi.
Day 1 saw the Aberfan crew jumping on at a rather relaxed 10.30am (ish) at LLandysul and joining the hundreds of paddlers floating down though the slalom course and down to the tasty drop at Henllan falls. Even though the river was pretty full of boats and people (not always connected to each other) the relaxed and funny atmosphere made for a great day out, climaxing with a number of runs of Henllan falls in front of a cheering crowd, the best cheers coming for Sol with his calm and cool style. The night was spent at the party tent having food and a few beers. Day 2 saw the Aberfan crew up early and on the first shuttle bus taking us to the get in at Henllan. A lovely and chilly cruise down, with lots of eddy lines to play on, loads of wildlife spotting including red kites and otters. The climax of this day coming at the end at Cenarth Falls, a pushy drop, again with a large and cheering crowd watching for good and more “sporty” lines (of which there were plenty). A great weekend was had by the Aberfan members in attendance, maybe a few

more club paddlers next year????

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