Another canoe trip today – on the River Taff from Radyr to Cardiff Bay. As expected it was a cold day but the sun shone strongly all day which made up for the cold. Water levels were low at a few points but not too low to stop us progressing downstream. We started off with a go at shooting the weir at Radyr (off the ski slope section) and nobody went in for a swim (at least not at Radyr). I thought that was a really good start point as it got you into things straight away. We paddled further downstream through a mixture of calm and minor rapids sections trying out few things along the way until we came to Llandaff weir. We all portaged around that due to the metal spikes on the weir. We continued downstream until we reached Blackweir – where we stopped for a spot of lunch in the sun – plenty of onlookers wondering if we were going to shoot it. I was tempted to shoot the weir (I would have needed to aim for a narrow gap in the middle of the weir), but thankfully common sense took over and I portaged. Paul Kent was however brave enough to shoot it (check out Jonathans pictures). On through the small section below the weir and the rest was flat water paddling all the way to the Bay. Plenty of wildlife on view including a kingfisher and a heron, and the water was lovely and clear. A good day out and an ideal trip for people who want to experience being outdoors on a river(ie not too rough but enough to keep your attention etc). If it had been summer I would have been more adventurous and had a go at shooting the blackweir weir(and probably capsized). A big thanks to Paul and Kate for letting me tag along as even though I work in Cardiff, its completely different seeing things when you are canoeing down the Taff.


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