Canoe Polo, (known simply as “Polo” by those who are involved in it) combines paddling and ball handling skills with an exciting contact team game. Goals are suspended two metres above the water at each end of the pitch, with tournaments held either in swimming pools or on stretches of flat water.

Each team has five players on the pitch with up to three subs, and games range from 12 to 20 minutes in length, played in two halves. The ball is the same as a water polo ball, and can be thrown by hand or flicked with the paddle.  Boats are specifically designed for Polo, with emphasis placed on manoeuvrability. Paddles are around two metres in length, very light weight, and designed with both pulling power and ball control in mind. Body protection (buoyancy aids with extra padding), helmets and faceguards are all compulsory.

During winter, the National League runs as a series of indoor tournaments, with up to 5 games per tournament. In the summer there are a variety of outdoor tournaments within the UK and across Europe with sometime as many as 250 players attending, ranging from beginners to international athletes

You can find a copy of the Canoe Polo Rulebook here.