The club run a variety of sessions throughout the year, both formal and informal. Below you can find information on our regular session. For one off training, events and trips, please see the calendar tab or the notice board on the home page.

When: 7pm onwards/7pm-9pm

Session Description:
The Monday session is held inside from the months of October – April, and outside from May – September. This is a canoe polo session and is the next step up from Friday.

Where: Taf Bargoed lakes/Aberfan Community Centre

Who can attend? : These sessions are open to everyone who has attended the Friday polo sessions and been invited to join on a Monday by one of the coaches.

When: 7pm – 9pm (7pm – 8pm during the school summer holidays)

Session Description: The Friday session consists of 3 x 40 minute sessions. The first is for beginners, covering the basics an acting as an introduction to canoeing. The second is intermediate level, focusing on mastering specific skills. The third session is canoe polo.

Where: Aberfan Community Centre

Who can attend? : These sessions are open to everyone. If you are unsure which of the three sessions you should attend, ask one of the coaches on duty or drop us an email.

When: Varies

Session Description: On the first Sunday of every month, the club runs some kind of outdoor session, whether that be a river trip, a surf day, or a session at Taf Bargoed lakes.

Where: Varies

Who can attend?: These sessions are open to everyone. If you would like to attend, please speak to one of the coaches.